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- February 5, 2022 -
Santa Ynez, CA

“Life is good, life is good,
everything’s a mess, but life is good.”
– Ted Foley

Over the past two years, the world has been upended by a pandemic, politics, and social revolution. Amidst this massive change, many of us are coping with collective exhaustion, fatigue, and frustration as we navigate a world undergoing immense growing pains. 


Some of the ways you might be experiencing this are feeling emotionally and mentally burned out, wondering what your future looks like, feeling less joy or interest in things you used to enjoy, feeling reluctant to think about the future, news/social media anxiety, or feeling like you’re in an energetic rut or tailspin. 


This retreat will support you in bringing your energy back into balance by returning to the present moment and give you practices to help you feel nurtured by the world, in all its unpredictability.


Through unique, guided interactions with horses, you'll learn how to come home to peace and presence even in unprecedented times. All exercises are done on the ground (no riding), and no horse experience is necessary.


What you will discover: 


  • Connect with your deepest, most authentic self 

  • Feel a renewed sense of peace

  • Re-energize from pandemic fatigue and play!

  • Experience an unforgettable bond with horses

  • Learn how horses return to peace no matter what (and how you can, too)

  • Connect with others in a safe outdoor environment 


What you will receive: 


  • 1 Full-Day Retreat with Certified Equus Coach Rebekah Powell

  • Guided meditation experiences on the ranch

  • Journal prompts and guided visualization recording prior to the retreat to help you prepare

  • 2 Individual coaching sessions at the retreat

  • Delicious catered lunch, snacks, and beverages


  • 1 Private 30-minute integration call with Rebekah following the retreat  

About the Ranch

Our retreat will be held at a beautiful rustic private ranch in Santa Ynez, CA about 30 minutes north of Santa Barbara.

We will be connecting with a herd of wise, playful, intuitive, loving horses, most of whom are gentled mustangs who were born in the wild.

Santa Ynez is in the heart of Santa Barbara’s wine country, an easy day trip from LA. Some participants will choose to make a weekend getaway out of the retreat to take advantage of the Santa Ynez Valley’s world class lodging, dining, and wine-tasting experiences.